What Causes Conflicts in Relationship ?

Communication Issues:  Poor communication or a lack of effective communication can lead to misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and unresolved issues.

Unmet Expectations:  When partners have differing expectations regarding roles, responsibilities, or behaviors within the relationship, it can lead to conflict. 

Differences in Values and Beliefs: Conflicts may arise when partners have conflicting values, beliefs, or goals. 

Trust Issues:  Trust is fundamental to a healthy relationship, and any breach of trust, whether real or perceived, can lead to conflict.

Financial Stress:  Financial disagreements, struggles, or disparities in financial management can lead to conflict in relationships. 

Jealousy and Insecurity:  Feelings of jealousy or insecurity, whether stemming from past experiences, unresolved issues, or personal insecurities, can lead to conflict within the relationship. 

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