Simone Biles Most Dangerous Moves

Simone Biles is known for performing some of the most difficult and dangerous gymnastics skills in the sport. 

Biles II (Double-Double Beam Dismount):  This move involves two twists and two somersaults off the balance beam.

Biles (Double Layout Half Out):  This move, performed on floor exercise, consists of a double layout with a half twist.

Yurchenko Double Pike:  Simone Biles is the first female gymnast to successfully compete a Yurchenko double pike vault in competition.

Cheng Vault:  Another one of Biles' signature vaults, the Cheng involves a roundoff onto the springboard, followed by a back handspring onto the vaulting table, and then a front somersault with a half twist.

These moves require exceptional strength, power, and precision to execute safely, and they showcase Simone Biles' incredible talent and fearlessness as a gymnast.

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