Meet the Beautiful WAGs of the Year! Taylor Swift, Simone Biles and More

WAGs stands for "Wives and Girlfriends," often used to refer to the partners of high-profile athletes. 

 While Taylor Swift and Simone Biles are certainly accomplished in their own right, they're not typically associated with that term. 

However, if we're celebrating accomplished women, there's plenty to admire about both Taylor Swift and Simone Biles!

It seems there might be a mix-up in the terminology here. "WAGs" usually refers to the partners of athletes, particularly in soccer (football) circles.

 However, if we're highlighting influential and talented women, Taylor Swift and Simone Biles are indeed noteworthy figures in their respective fields. 

They've each made significant contributions to music and sports, respectively, and have garnered widespread admiration for their achievements.

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