How To Ask For An Appraisal From HR - A Simple Guide 

Prepare for the Conversation: Before reaching out to HR, take some time to reflect on your performance over the past appraisal period.

Schedule a Meeting: Reach out to your HR representative or manager to request a meeting to discuss your performance appraisal.

Be Clear and Direct: When requesting the meeting, be clear about your intention to discuss your performance appraisal. 

Provide Context: You might mention your desire for professional development, career advancement, or a better understanding of your performance relative to company expectations.

Offer Flexibility: Offer a few time slots that work for you, but also be open to accommodating HR's schedule to find a mutually convenient time.

Prepare for the Meeting: Prior to the appraisal meeting, review your job description, performance goals, and any feedback you've received throughout the year. 

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